We are FIRST Robotics Team 1592 THE BIONIC TIGERS, based in Cocoa, Florida. Founded in 2005, our team has built one robot each year for FIRST Robotics Competition, and has won 6 regional competitions and a host of awards, including the "Industrial Safety" and "Entrepreneurship" awards. For the last few years we have had a partnership with Team 801 HORSEPOWER. We share most of our resources and build our bots alongside each other.


Every year in early January, FIRST Robotics presents a new game, which is shown to us during the "Kickoff". Kickoff is the very first time we learn the premise of that particular year's game; from that day on, we have six weeks to design, build, and program a robot, as well as write several essays for award submission. After all the competitions are over, during the off-season, we greatly increase our involvement in fundraising and outreach.



Our mission is to promote interest in - and improve knowledge of - science and technology all throughout Cocoa High School, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, and the surrounding community, while simultaneously developing leadership, business, teamwork, communication and other life skills. We aim to further strengthen our sense of teamwork and to continue practicing gracious professionalism in our work. We hope to inspire others within our community to start getting involved in science and technology programs like FIRST Robotics.


FIRST Team 1592 was established similarly to many other FIRST teams - by building our team piece by piece. The Bionic Tigers have inhabited Cocoa High School in Cocoa, Florida for the past ten years. Team 1592 has continued growing our partnership with Team 801 HORSEPOWER since 2008. We joined forces for the benefit of both teams. 1592 was lacking mentors familiar with programming software, and 801 lost their resources for equipment. After deciding to collaborate, we made the logical decision to manufacture twin robots every year and planned all our fundraisers and outreach events together.


One of the most important components to our team joined up in 2010. Holy Trinity’s involvement started with one teacher and several students who thought FRC was a cool idea and met after school to talk a few times, eventually deciding to team up with Cocoa High School’s Bionic Tigers. 


Our biggest obstacle to date happened in 2013 when Team 1592 and 801’s robots were involved in a car accident on the way to the Orlando Regional. Our robots were completely demolished, but we were dead set on doing the impossible and rebuilding the robots the night before the competition. To this day none of us are exactly sure how it happened, but we were able to field robots the next afternoon!  The robots not only worked, they worked really well! Our two teams were able to make it to the elimination rounds on the same alliance.


After a decade of growth and success, our team decided to unveil a new team logo that coincided with our newly developed strategies of recognizing science and technology in our community and beyond. Since the re-branding, we have established a new team motto that best represents our team dynamic: "The future isn't just bright, It's Bionic."




The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the agency of the United States government that is responsible for the nation's civilian space program and for aeronautics and aerospace research.



Vencore delivers world-class technology and revolutionary products to defense, security and commercial markets worldwide.

A.I. Solutions


A.I. Solutions supports the nation’s space and defense agencies, producing products and services such as flight dynamics and space operations.



The DoDSTEM program supports the future workforce needs of the Department of Defense.


Build Season! 


The 2020 game is announced! The Bionic Tigers are working hard to construct our robot for FIRST Infinite Recharge. We only have six weeks to perfect a finished robot for competition. We are taking everything that we have learned during the off-season and putting all of that knowledge to work.  


School Liaison Mail:                                                                  Kates.kim@brevardschools.org

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Lab Phone Number:

         (321) 632-5300 ext. 22040

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