To Become an Event Volunteer:

All competitions and events require many volunteers and you can be one of them! Visit the Volunteer page on F.I.R.S.T's website:



To Join A Team:

Come join the fun! You can go to to find a team in your area if you are interested in joining as a student or mentor. 



As with all other sports and clubs within Cocoa High School, students can letter in Robotics. This is a completely voluntary goal that rewards a student's commitment to the team. Each student that meets the following requirements will be awarded either a pin and/or letter according to the number of years on the team. The first year on the team, a pin will be awarded; the second year on the team a letter and pin will be awarded; each additional year the student will be awarded a pin.



  • Participate in 40 hours of outreach

  • Contribute 150 hours of team time/outreach during off-season activities

  • Contribute 125 hours of team time during build season

  • Hold a position of leadership on the team

  • Attend one or more competitions

  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA

  • Display the appropriate attitude expected of a Bionic Tigers team member


To join our team you can contact the school liaison, Trish Roberts, or our lead mentor, Nathan Gelino. It is easiest to join our team if you are a Cocoa High School or Holy Trinity student. If you attend a different school, it may be difficult or prohibited to join our team.


The following are the primary requirements and expectations of a 1592 team member:

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0

  • Maintain proper safety practices

  • No disruptive behaviour, demeaning language, or disrespect toward team members, partners or mentors

  • Maintain a positive additude

  • Accept responsibility for your actions, lack of actions and decisions

  • Communicate all concerns with a team mentor as soon as possible


Trish Roberts:                                                           

Nathan Gelino:



Build Season! 


The 2020 game is announced! The Bionic Tigers are working hard to construct our robot for FIRST Infinite Recharge. We only have six weeks to perfect a finished robot for competition. We are taking everything that we have learned during the off-season and putting all of that knowledge to work.  


School Liaison Mail:                                                        

Lead Mentor Mail: 


Team Email: 

Lab Phone Number:

         (321) 632-5300 ext. 22040

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